Fall DIY Pumpkin Vase

Fall DIY Pumpkin Vase

Happy Wednesday Everyone 👻

I hope everyone is having a good week so far…..and if not just remember, we are almost at the weekend 🙌

I don’t know about you guys, but my Pinterest page is completely covered with all things FALL 🍁🍂….and I can’t complain!! From the most delicious recipes to the coziest fall home decor ideas, they have it all.  After scrolling for just 5 minutes, it will make all fall l💛vers want to channel their own innerPinterest mom vibe‘💁

In particular, one piece of fall home decor that I’ve been loving lately are the pumpkin flower vases 😍 I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and have been obsessed ever since! When I heard that Michael’s was having 70% off all fall decor items 🤗, I knew it was time to channel my inner Pinterest mom side and create one of these adorable pumpkin vases 🎃


When there is no better view than this😍😍 ^^^ my heart cannot handle how cute my sweet pup is 🐾

Check out this adorable doormat from Target here!! They literally have THE cutestttttt options that are always sure to make your day brighter when you come home! 🏡☺

I am also loving both of these: here & here for the upcoming Christmas season 🎄🎅

Alright, time to get to buizzzzness 🙆 Start out by taking a trip to your local craft store to buy the following:

💰 Money Saving Tip 💰: Check out Michael’s Craft Store right now, as almost all fall items are 50% off making this DIY a super affordable way to add the perfect fall vibe to any space

1. Choose a pumpkin: No matter where you go shopping you are bound to find pumpkins galore during this time of the year. The pumpkin will act as your “vase” to hold the flowers. There are 2 ways you can go about this: buy a real pumpkin or buy a craft (fake) pumpkin. I personally think a craft pumpkin is the way to go. With the real pumpkins it gets to be super messy as you have to scoop out the inside gunk and then a week later deal with a rotting pumpkin 😫.  There’s no mess with a craft pumpkin and you get the bonus of being able to keep the vase & flowers to decorate your home for all the fall seasons to come 👌. Lately I have been loving the look of the white pumpkins, as it contrasts well with so many of the rich & warm colored fall florals

💰Money Saving Tip 💰: Right now you can get the same white craft pumpkin here for only $10 at Michael’s 🙊 (They may even do another 70% off sale, as that’s when I bought mine…so keep on the lookout!)

2. Pick out your flowers: This is where the fun part comes in! Go pick out any arrangement of synthetic  flowers that your heart desires 💛. I chose warmer tones of reds & yellows to contrast my white pumpkin. For this size of pumpkin, I would buy ~5-6 flowers depending how full of an arrangement you want. Although I am no florist, try to find some flowers of differing shapes/shades to help give the vase a nice full look. With my vase, I made sure to add some cream colored flowers to help accentuate the white of my pumpkin

💰Money Saving Tip 💰: Michael’s is also having a big sale on fall flowers, so make sure to get them here

3. Floral Foam: You will need just a small brick of floral foam. This is used to stabilize the flowers in your pumpkin and to keep them in place. You do NOT need much at all, just 1 little block should do the trick 🤓

💰Money Saving Tip 💰: Don’t overspend on this at a craft store, as a bag will probably run around $5. Although that may not sound like much, check out your local Dollar Tree to buy these floral foam blocks for just $1 🤑. They worked great, and you will even have some left over (I only used 1 brick to help stabilize my flowers)

4. Extra supplies for cutting: I used a normal pumpkin carving tool to carve off the top of the pumpkin along with a pair of hedge/gardening sheers (or any sharp blade) to cut through the synthetic flowers (FYI cutting through those bad boys is not as easy as it looks)

As for the steps, it’s really quite simple:

1. Cut the top of the pumpkin (and stem) off using a sharp blade or pumpkin carving tool. Make sure to measure the length of your floral foam block to place inside the pumpkin. It’s always a good idea to start small when cutting off the top because if you go too large you might require more flowers than you planned for to make the vase have a nice full appearance. This step shouldn’t be too hard to complete, but I don’t really have room to talk as I had my dad step in to help me 🙈

2. Take one brick of your floral foam and stick it on the inside of your pumpkin at the bottom. I put duct tape on the bottom of my foam block to help keep it in place while in the pumpkin.

3. Cut your flowers to the desired length for your vase. To assure I didn’t over-cut, I started out making a smaller cut and would then place the flower in the vase to decide how much more I wanted to cut. I ended up cutting a significant amount off my flowers, as I wanted them to fit snugly and just be popping over the top of the pumpkin.

4. Once all the flowers are cut to your desired length, place them in the vase with the ends piercing through the foam block. This step really helps stabilize the flower arrangement and keeps everything in place.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning how to make this affordable fall DIY Pumpkin Vase 😊 It is such an easy way to add some cute fall decor 🍂🍁☕, without overspending… especially right now when all the fall items are on sale!!  And no matter where you place it in your home, it is sure to give any room the perfect fall touch 💖

As always, thank you SO much for reading this and for the support! It means so much to me 😘 I can’t wait to share more fall inspiration with you as October continues. Comment below to let me know what your favorite fall home decor ideas are 💞 as one can never have too much fall decor 😉



  1. Masha October 12, 2017 / 12:28 am

    What a creative DIY! My favorite fall home decor item are the cinnamon sented brooms that I find in grocery stores.

  2. Sam October 12, 2017 / 2:24 am

    Oh man you already know I’m going to be doing this ASAP!! 😍 I love white pumpkins this year, so this gives me a good reason to go get one!!

  3. Lisa October 16, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    Wow, such a fun activity for the fall! All of your recent posts are really “pumpkin” me up for the fall season! Can’t wait to see what’s to come!! :)

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