Less Than 24 hours in Nashville

Less Than 24 hours in Nashville

This past spring my hubby and I ventured on a mini road trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Although we were only there for less than 24 hours, that was more than enough time for me to fall in loooove! Now that I am obsessed, I created my own Nashville Travel Guide to share some of my favorite spots the city has to offer 👻

Disclaimer: Nashville is not just honky-tonk bars, beer and country music. It is soo much more than that! From adorable boutiques, trendy restaurants and “Instagram worthy” spots on every corner, everyone can find something they enjoy here

P.S. – This guide is quite the in-depth review…the city has so much to offer and I just couldn’t help myself 🙈 

Arrival-6:30 pm

Upon arrival, we headed straight to Centennial Park to check out the life size replica of The Parthenon. Although the inside was closed when we arrived, we still walked around and explored the grounds. For someone who’s never traveled to Greece, the architecture was very impressive and was such a unique addition to this urban park. Even if you only have half-an-hour, I still recommend adding Centennial Park to your itinerary. However, if you have more time, I  recommend taking a stroll around around the picturesque walking paths and ponds found here.

And now that September is here, I can’t imagine the cozy fall vibes you will get while walking around 🍁🍂🍃

7 pm

Next up…DINNER TIME!! By this time we were both starving, and what better first restaurant to try than the local favorite, Hattie B’s (I’m seriously drooling just thinking about this place). Hattie B’s serves up the most delicious Nashville Hot Chicken, along with the other scrumptious southern side dishes.

Be prepared, no matter what time it is, there will most likely be a wait….so if you need to get in and out quickly, I would save Hattie B’s for another day. But guys, the WAIT IS WORTH IT. Not only was the food affordable for such a hot (ehh see what I did there 😉) place, but it truly was some of the most flavorful and juiciest chicken that I’ve ever had!

But be warned, in the south when they say hot, they aint lyin’. Brad and I both ordered the “hot” level,  and whewww eeeee let me tell ya, the burn was real 🔥😱. Towards the end, I couldn’t even finish my chicken because my mouth was on fire. I would suggest ordering one heat level below what you normally would choose. The next time we come here, we both plan on ordering the “Medium” level. And for those who order the “Shut the Cluck Up!!!” level… bless you & your taste-buds 🙏🙏

💰Money saving tip💰– The portions are pretty large here. Two people could definitely get by ordering one large entree to share












P.S. Don’t forget to order a side of their wonderful crinkle fries and a good ol’ southern sweet tea to drink, you won’t regret it 😍

9 pm

Next up on the list- Broadway! This is the famous area of town where all of the classic bars and live music venues are located.

💰Money saving tip💰- AVOID the parking lots that are right off of Broadway, as they are waaaay overpriced. I’m talking $25 for the evening!! Click here to see SP + Parking @ 5th Avenue of the Arts Garage which is where we parked at. Not only was it much cheaper (flat rate of $10 after 4pm), but also just a quick walk down to Broadway.


Even if you aren’t into bar hopping, Broadway is still a unique and fun experience…think of it as a country version of The Las Vegas Strip. To have the best experience here you really just need to embrace your “inner tourist” self. No, the bars are nothing fancy. They are cramped and you might even get a little beer splashed on you. But that’s just part of the experience… 🍻 cheers!

Broadway not only contains an impressive bar scene, but what really makes this area of town stand out is no matter what time of day it is you can always find live music.


The first bar we stopped at was called Tootsies Orchid LoungeTootsies was really unique in the fact that it had three stories, with each floor showcasing different live music. Keep in mind, although there wasn’t a cover charge the drinks were a bit on the pricier side-my Bud Light was ~$7

The other bar we spent time at is located at the very end of Broadway called Acme Feed and Seed .YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS PLACE OUT! Think of this as a hipster take on a classic Nashville bar. With plenty of room to spread out along with white brick walls and wood accents this space has it all!

BTW- If you are not a fan of country music this is the spot for you. When we were there, a local jazz band performed soft mellow tunes creating the perfect ambiance 🎶

Day 2- 9 am:

Rise and shine! For breakfast we headed on over to Biscuit Love, located in The Gulch, to enjoy a good ol’ southern style brunch. Not only do they serve awesome food, but the inside boasts a large marquee Nashville sign making it an instagrammer’s heaven.

As for the food here, it’s all about the Bonuts!!

Bo·nut/def: Combo of biscuit + donut = pure food coma bliss

And if it couldn’t get any better, they are served on top of a blueberry compote with lemon mascarpone dolloped on top 😍😍

Although Biscuit Love has several locations, I recommend going to the Gulch Location if the WhatLiftsYou mural is on your Nashville bucket list, as it right down the street. The Gulch also has many cute boutiques, like  e. Allen Boutique , where you can pick up one of the adorable Nash Collection baseball caps.

💰Money saving tip💰- For this Labor Day weekend the whole Nash Collection website is 25% off, so grab one while it’s on sale!

11 am:

Next on the list was Hillsboro– a quaint village home to many local shops and restaurants. This area of town is great because it offers plenty to do, while not taking up your whole day.

12:30 pm

After Hillsboro, we made our way over to the greatly adored neighborhood, 12 South, which is home to many local favorites including Reese Witherspoon’s store Draper James, the iconic “I believe in Nashville” mural, Bartaco, Five Daughter’s Bakery, and soo much more. This is my favorite area of Nashville!

And did I mention Draper James serves complimentary sweet tea while you shop 💖

While at 12 South, don’t forget to keep your eye out for Amelia’s Flower Truck, which is often found parked outside White’s Mercantile. Whether you buy flowers or not, this truck is sure to make you smile 🌻💐

Click here to see Amelia’s whereabouts when planning your trip!

2:30 pm

For our last stop in Nashville, we headed on over to East Nashville, to get chow down on some authentic Mexican food at Mas Tacos 🌮. And Oh.My.Goodness….SO TASTY! This is the epitome of an awesome hole-in-the-wall spot you don’t want to miss.

💰Money Saving Tip💰- EAT HERE! All the food is super affordable making not only your stomach full but your wallet too 🙃

I hope this travel guide has helped you plan for your upcoming trip to Nashville! The city has so much to offer, even if you only have less than 24 hours to spend there. Comment below your favorite spots in Nashville, as I’m always looking for another reason to visit 😎



  1. Masha September 2, 2017 / 3:29 am

    I can’t wait to try all these wonderful spots in Nashville! Thanks for sharing :D

    • afternoonswithanna September 2, 2017 / 1:21 pm

      Awww, thanks Mashie :) I can’t wait for you to fall in love with Nashville too!! Don’t forget to pack you camera ;)

  2. Jim in KC September 2, 2017 / 4:22 pm

    Jim in KC
    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I especially want to try one of those donut-biscuit combos. Maybe you can do a similar blog for Kansas City. We have lot of great food and entertainment places to visit.

    • afternoonswithanna September 2, 2017 / 5:41 pm

      Yes!! The bonuts are soooo scrumptious! And, definitely, a KC Travel Guide is in the works for the near future :)

  3. Sam September 22, 2017 / 5:40 am

    Love that you showed a different side of Nashville than what most people expect! Can’t wait to scope it out some day!

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